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Workout App, 2018

Funspining is an EEG game app which helps gym lovers stay fit and healthy through gaming experiences. It requires users to stay focus on the target. The harder you concentrate, the better the results. With the interactive graphics, users can easily burn in a fun way and also maintain a healthy daily routine.
Create User Flow With 3 Levels Of Training Exercises

After users register successfully, they can access either single-player or group games. As a single-player, they can choose between three levels, from level 1 = easy, portrayed via a red character, level 2 = medium, portrayed via a yellow character, and level 3 = difficult, portrayed via a blue character.


As for the visual design, the harder the level, the chubbier the character will look. Funspining engages users to put more effort into the training exercises and reminds them to always stay healthy.

School National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Team Prof. Wang, Designer l Lulu Chang

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