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eHealth Design, 2019

Eve is a revolutionary Digital Maternity Platform designed to provide expectant mothers and their partners with access to numerous tools and an extensive library of information to enrich their pregnancy, birthing and parenting experience.

Define Eve1.0 Tablet Usability Issues

Following the feedback from Australian expectant mothers, my mission aims to create mobile views and develop additional clinical content, including post-natal tools that can help optimize the new Eve 2.0 App.

Research Competitors and Scope User Flow

How should the Postnatal Journey be developed on mobile view?


First, I reviewed literature studies regarding eHealth and User Experience and collected information on users' needs. Then, I proceeded by downloading different pregnancy Apps to explore each of the apps’ featured contents and listed their pros and cons that can be applied on Eve 2.0. The following image depicts a clear scope of the user flow for the new Eve 2.0 App.

How To Develop Postnatal Content

With deep insight on users needs, Postnatal Tools included Baby Growth, Activity Tracker, Milestones, etc. The overall Eve 2.0 prototype is shown in the image below.

Prototpye Eve 2.0