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Telehealth Care, 2019

A remote patient monitoring platform based on a proven, flexible and secure technology stack. Designed specifically for remote chronic disease management.

Define Web Problem

How to redesign better usability for physicians so that they can manage numerous patients' conditions is a top priority to solve.

User Persona Research / User Flow

There are three types of users involved in Telehealth programs, including individual patients (Anna), physicians (Tim), and communities (Slack Family). We identified the main goal for each of these groups to create an intuitive user flow.

Redesign Dashboard to manage plenty of patients

Create a daily agenda that can help implement patient management effectively. Take the image below as an example. When doctors see "Alerts:5" in daily health records, the dashboard will show five patients with red boxes, which then doctors can directly access the patient’s report and know how to take actions for Telehealth care.

Create New Patient Dashboard With Rich Graphs

A good infographic has clear icons and is textually concise to help distinguish patients' conditions. In the dashboard image below, the left side shows the patient’s detail and the right side presents the patient's conditions with the latest measurements, including optional buttons such as upper limit, lower limit, as well as goal. Hence, physicians can easily read the patient's latest record and add any additional notes if needed.

Optimize Patient Enrollment Pages

Physicians can create patient enrollment via the toggle switch buttons, which can build customized cards for each patient. Each switch button enables or disables different body conditions (e.g., blood pressure, temperature, weight, etc.), which can help physicians set goals and organize patients’ information.